Glass Blown inside a Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

Glass Blower/Studio manager at the Dispensary Studio inside Colorado Harvest Company - Yale


Cannabis Accessories - Etchings - Jewelry - Ornaments

Colorado based artist

Currently working with dispensaries to create quality branded product lines for their glass needs



  • Custom etching
  • Sandblasting
  • Commissions available
  • Glass Blowing

Dispensary Studio Glass

Production logo onies Pendants Flower Bowl 14mm M Flower Production 10mm rigs Production 10mm Small Rig Shirlock custom Production Sidecar Typical production order going out Directional Carb Cap Production  onies Glass display at dispensary Production Wig Wag Spoons Production Color Spoons 5 colors Small 10mm custom rig - jailbird/green dicro with blue neck Production 14mm Large Rig Shirlocks custom matching Shirlock custom Shirlock custom Shirlock custom for "the Rhino" Directional carb caps with opal encasement Pendant - Purple and green dicro Small 10mm custom rig glow Production 10mm small rig (green) Small 10mm custom rig Large 14mm custom rig an order of production 10mm small rigs Paddle dab tools Production 10mm rigs Small 10mm Dicro Rig production Directional carb cap Shirlock made at "Sensi Night" "Sensi Night" Demo Production Bubblers with removable bowl 14mm M Flower bowl custom rainbow Production 10mm small rigs (blue) Production 10mm small rigs Pendants (Shatter) Paddle dabber Production 10mm Small rig Glass didplay Production onies Shirlock custom Small 10mm rig custom (UV) Pendant Wig Wag Im in the paper

Ornaments, Jars, Pendants and Etchings